Best Trekking Shoes Review – How to choose in 2020

Are you planning for an awesome trek? If yes, you would probably be searching for trekking equipment for your journey where trekking shoes are one of the necessary items you would be looking for. Some of the main points trekkers consider before buying the best trekking shoes are the following.

  • Will those shoes be comfortable for me?
  • Will that adjust to my feet?
  • Will I be able to trek easily after wearing those?

If you are also finding solutions to these questions, then you have landed at the right place. Being a trekker, I know what real problems arise during trekking.

That’s why I am sharing 7 Best Trekking Shoes that would suit your needs according to your trek along with their pros or cons for better decision-making.
Before taking you to the list of shoes, let me tell you about 3 Different Types of Trekking Shoes.

1. Hiking shoes

Shoes that are lighter in weight and can be worn when you are not lifting much weight on you while hiking. These are better than sneakers or training shoes.

  • Useful for short trekking period (day or 2 days)
  • Good for summers
  • Not suitable for rainy seasons (need more resistance and grip)
  • Lightweight and easy to wear & remove

2. Trekking Shoes

These are also known as backpacking shoes. As the name suggests, when you would be carrying some weight (Bag), then you need tight-grip shoes for tough tasks.

  • Useful for the Long riffing period for about 5-7 Days or weeklong
  • Carrying weight over 7-8+ Kilograms
  • Good Resistance – works in Rain & Snow
  • Ankle Support

3. Expedition shoes/ boot

A boot is much more supportive than a shoe. These shoes work more in extreme conditions like heavy snow or rigid paths etc. Expedition boot can also be viewed as the higher version of trekking shoes.

  • Mainly for snow and rough weather
  • Excellent grip for tough conditions
  • Not suitable for normal treks
  • Thick soles and strong fabric

Enjoying the mountains, rocks, hilly areas, etc. are the main reason for a trek where you make some lifelong memories with you. Now imagine, what would happen if your shoes get uncomfortable amidst the journey? Isn’t it irritating? Yes, it is.

Thus, it is said that shoes play a big role to make your entire journey comfortable and memorable.
 It can make your tour enjoyable as well as frustrated at the same point of time just because of a pair of shoes you are wearing.

I love to trek like you. As per my understanding, I have listed 7 best trekking shoes that you can consider for your next trek for an enjoyable journey.

List of Best Trekking Shoes in India under 5000

Here are the 7 Best shoes that will help you trek smoothly or you can say – “Makkhan”.

WOODLAND Men’s Sneaker –

A leather material shoe that is available in three different colors- Camel, Olive Green, Khaki.

Range – 3250 – 3900 INR

Reasons to Buy-

– Best Grip
– Ankle Support
– All Leather Stuff
– Trust of Woodland
– 3 Months Manufacturer Guarantee

2 – Redchief Men’s Leather Trekking Shoes –

A leather material shoe which is available in 6 different sizes with Elephant Tan color.

Range- 2800- 3600 INR.

Reasons to buy –

– Nice Grip
– Ankles Support
– Perfect Size

– Comfortable

– Nice finishing
– 90 Days Manufacturer Guarantee

– Red Chief Brand

3. Adidas Men’s Geocach
A Synthetic outer material shoe with two different color variants available. It gives a stunning look with lighter weight, and good for energetic people who go for frequent trekking tours.

Range- 2500-3000 INR.

Reasons to buy-

– Round Toe style
– Good for Hiking
– 90 Days manufacturer guarantee
– Excellent Quality
– Trust of Adidas

4. Liberty Warrior 88-46HSTG Jungle Boot for Men’s HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″dchild=1 HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″keywords=trekking+boots+for+men HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″qid=1596627255 HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″sprefix=trekking+boots%2Caps%2C321 HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″sr=8-6#customerReviews

An Amazing quality trekking boot with water repellent canvas material and Polyurethane sole for better grip and comfort. Available in rich black color with medium shoe width.

Range- 1900-2200 INR.

Reasons to buy-
– More Comfort
– Good for Long Trekking

– Light-weight Boot
– Water Repellent/Acid Resistant
– Resistance with Slippery surface
– Trust of Liberty

5. Quechua Women’s Hiking Shoes MH 100

A rubber sole with 5mm gripping cleats with better resistance under 2500 INR. A recommendable product for girls or women.

Range – Available on Amazon for 2499 INR.

Reasons to Buy-

– Gripping Cleats (5mm Width)
– Rubber Sole for more comfort
– Mainly for Hiking
– Waterproof Stuff
– Trust of Quechua (Decathlon)

6. Quechua NH 100 mid Women’s Nature Hiking Boots –

A lightweight woman’s hiking shoe with thermoplastic sole under 2500 price range.

Price Range- 2300 INR

Reasons to buy-

– Light in Weight – Perfect for Girls/Women
– Mainly for Hiking- Preferable in easy fields.
– Good Ankles Support
– 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
– Available in 5-7 different sizes
– Brand Trust by Quechua

7. Wildcraft Unisex Trekking and Hiking Boots

A well-designed light fabric unisex trekking shoe both for men and women under the price tag of 5000 INR.

Price Range – 4795 INR.

Reasons to Buy-

– Very Light Upper Fabric (Mesh Material)
– Casual Look
– Superb Gripping & Support
– Good for Rough Terrain
– Unisex design
– Works good on Wet Terrain also
– Brand Trust of Wildcraft

5 Major factors to be considered before buying Trekking Shoes

1. Weight – Since, you will put a lot of things with you in a backpack like- Tent, Food items, Clothes etc., more weight will lay higher pressure on the shoes. This implies that higher the resistance, higher the grip would be needed to prevent slip.

2. Feeling Good or Not- Whenever you will be buying a trekking shoe, make sure that it is comfortable for you and check if the sole is also convenient for your feet with good grip. This is because shoes will be your best companion in the whole journey for helping you move upwards.

3. Duration of Trek – There are majorly two types of treks people do. Either 2-3 days tour or weekends/long tours. The more time you will spend on trekking, the more you have to be concerned about your shoes. Your shoes should be tight and reliable for your trekking conditions.

4. Terrain – Trekking on the even and smooth surface is quite easier than trekking on hard and uneven surfaces. Make sure you have selected your shoes/boots according to the field you are choosing to trek. For uneven or rocky areas trekking shoes would do well.

5. Correct size- You have chosen to trek for enjoyment and fun. Loose shoes will become your enemy in the journey as the extra space won’t let you move comfortably. In addition to this, you will experience shoe bites and air passage would cease if you choose loose shoes. Choosing a correct size is an important thing where you shoe should neither be loose nor tight.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Trekking Shoes

Every material thing needs care. A process must be followed to make things work like you want.

Coming to your shoes, never let your shoes leave the way you brought it from the trek. Just follow these 5 step process to make your shoes stay long with you in your next journeys.


CLEANING: – Dealing with mud, dirt, water etc, your shoes will get dirty and need some cleaning to come back to the normal look.

The main reasons why we clean our shoes after trek are-

→ to maintain the shoe quality like- Waterproofing, Grip, Resistance, Shining and Sole
→ to maintain the breathability of your shoes
→ to prevent foul odor while traveling to the next spot

How to clean your trekking shoes?

Things Required- A toothbrush/Sponge/Scrapped cloth and lukewarm water.

Steps Involved-

A) Interior Dust – Take the brush and slightly move it on the inner sides of the shoes. After that, hold the shoes from the lower part and tap them with each other to remove the dust.

B) Exterior Dust – First, move the brush to the outer part of shoes to remove hard dust if any, and then soak the brush in water and slightly move it to all exterior/outer parts to remove strains.               

2. DRYING – Even if you don’t clean your shoes you still need to make them dry because in trekking your shoes come in contact with water while you were enjoying. Not only this, your own sweat makes the shoes wet which needs to get dry to prevent it from bad odor.

Reasons to dry your shoes-

– Prevent effect on breathability in shoes
– Remove odor from the shoes

How to dry your Trekking Shoes?

Remove Insoles at first and unlace the shoes to let the air pass.

Move a clean dry cloth to the inner and outer side of the shoes slowly.

Let your shoes dry under the fan or at room temperature.

Don’t: If you have leather shoes then this is a humble request to not to expose your shoes to the direct heat like sunlight, air blower and fire etc. Your shoes will lose waterproofing and some cracks might also develop.

3. Treating: – A good treatment is essential every time even after the proper cleansing and drying of your shoes.
Reasons to Treat:-

– Long Life of shoes
– Maintain its qualities

How to Treat your Trekking Shoes?

You need not do much to treat your shoes. Just apply some grease and waterproofing sprays to the shoes and let them absorb the same in room temperature.

In desi style, you can also apply some oil if you are already using it but sprays and grease are largely recommended which are readily available at any sports shop.

While applying the sprays/grease, read the user manual at first. Seams and joints need to be taken care of as water enters more from there.

4. Repairing: – It’s always recommendable to check out the different parts of shoes like insoles, grip, laces, stitches, outer areas etc. If anything needs to get repaired then don’t wait for the next trek to get it done.

Reasons to Repair your Shoes: –

– Indulges a risk of slip
– Balance can be lost
– Blisters can be seen on foot

How to Repair Your Trekking Shoes?

If there are minor things that can be done by you then do it yourself, otherwise check that with a cobbler for perfect work. But don’t neglect to repair them on time otherwise you may suffer a lot of difficulties on the next trek.

5. Storing: – This is the last step that needs to make this process complete.

Steps on How to Store Your Trekking Shoes?

– Make sure you have done all the previous 4 steps. It must be cleaned, dried, repaired and treated well before storing.
– Next, store them in an area where air passes and no direct heat or sunlight reflects to it.
– Put some cotton or newspaper if you are not going to use them for long. Tea-Bags and Silica gel pouches can also be used to prevent it from bad odors.


You must take care of small things while choosing your shoes like- gripping, sole, waterproof, laces, material etc. Also don’t forget to take care of your trekking shoes after returning.

Personal recommendation- If you have a budget under 5000 then go with Wildcraft Unisex Shoes –

Better Quality product with good experience and trust of Wildcraft is there with 180 Days of manufacturer warranty.

Choosing a brand is always a good option. You need not to regret if you spend once on a good quality product.

All the best for your journey. Before buying, keep these crucial things in mind. Thanks for reading this article. I am trying to build more helpful content for making your journey soothing. Enjoy trekking!

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