Best Badminton Shoes Review – Buyer Guide 2020

For a sportsperson, everything that they use matters a lot. Even the shoes aren’t an exception. In any sports, the player needs to make quick reflexes, and everything happens in a snap. That’s why their shoes must well be designed to withstand all those stress that smash onto them.

In badminton too, the foot movement is vital for the player as there’s always uncertainty in movement. If you’re a professional player in badminton or someone who cares as much as professionals do, then you must consider a few things while buying the best badminton shoes for your game. A pair of shoes can either make your game or break your game.

That’s why, through this article, I’ll be explaining the crucial factors that one needs to keep in mind while choosing a pair of badminton shoes are. Also, I’ll be mentioning ten such excellent products (professional badminton shoes) from Amazon, that are worth your pennies. You can decide to buy any one of them, or choose a different one based on the considerations.

Here are the details of the ten best badminton shoes that you can buy online via Amazon.

Here is list of Top 10 Badminton Shoes in India under 2000

1. ASICS Men’s Upcourt 3 Badminton Shoes

For under ₹ 2000 to ₹ 3000 in India, these shoes have been specially designed for different people’s expectations and workarounds. Although it’s unisex, you can get one for men, as well as for women.


  • Excellent traction
  • Ankle protection
  • Structural support
  • Reduces foot fatigue


  • Poor arch support

2. Adidas Men’s Quick Force 5.1 Badminton Shoes

This product is beautiful but still retains all the functionalities of badminton shoes. The rubber soul in this pair not only absorbs impacts but also gives you excellent traction on any court.  This is an excellent option in India.


  • Rubber soul to provide reliable grip
  • Affordable price tag
  • Interchangeable sole
  • Imported materials


  • Complicated lacing

3. Mizuno Unisex Wave Twister 4

With a price tag under ₹5000, this model is specially formulated for both genders. Having multiple pivot points on its design, you’ll get additional flexibility over your ankle areas. It boasts excellent performance, no matter how rigorous you play.


  • Rubber outsole to aid stability
  • Internal cushioning
  • Prevents bad odor
  • Meant for players from all tiers


  • Large size isn’t available
  • The upper portion is rock-solid

4. Head Tennis Sprint Team 2.0

This pair of shoes enhances the comfort level and performance while playing, and these are quite impressive. It’s quite expensive though above 5000, but it’s entirely focused on professional players.


  • Comfortable
  • Proper ventilation
  • Impressive stability


  • Little expensive

5. Puma Unisex Auriz Black

Priced under ₹2000, this catch from Puma is a masterpiece of leather build that provides exquisite comfort to your feet. The body consists of numerous holes that help in proper ventilation during a long game session.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Different color options
  • Excellent traction


  • Not available for wide feet

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 Badminton Shoes

The leather gives it a premium feel, while the mesh allows your feet to breathe. Internal cushioning on this product helps in reducing stress and adding better stability. Compared to what you’re getting, it’s very cheap at just around ₹5000.


  • Attractive and improvised design
  • Excellent comfort
  • Adopts ToughBird technology for maximum cushioning
  • Hexagrip sole for better traction


  • Not available in a wide variety of sizes

7. Yonex Power Cushion All Surface Badminton Shoes

This brand guarantees you to put a pair of springs under your feet. This is because they have improved its shock-absorbing system that leads you to your next move. Affordably priced at under ₹3000 on Amazon, it’s one of the best value for your money.


  • Ventilated upper mesh
  • Reverse shock technology
  • Impressive structural support
  • Stable traction over any court


  • Has a limited color choice
  • Not meant for playing on grass

8. Yonex Aero Comfort Badminton Shoes

Another rank-holder in our list is also from Yonex. It’s more like outdoor sneakers, rather than professional badminton shoes. This pair offers you adequate breathing during your game, still providing the best cushioning and comfort your feet will love to have.


  • Excellent structural support
  • Reduces power loss
  • Breathable mesh on top
  • Stylish asymmetrical design


  • Not for wide feet
  • Limited options in colors

9. Babolat Propulse Synthetic Badminton Shoes

This pair of shoes will offer you excellent traction over any badminton court, also providing sufficient room for your feet to breathe during intensive ban games. There’s no match for this product because you’re paying way less than what you’re getting.


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent pace while sporting
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding ventilation


  • Offers less cushioning

10. Adidas Men’s Quick Force 3.1 Badminton Shoes

The last product our list is from Adidas. There’s almost zero competition to this product when it comes to providing the best comfort, cushioning, and breathability during a match. It’s specially engineered sole offers the best traction over not only the indoor court but also on grass. And all this comes under ₹5000. Isn’t that great?


  • Breathable material used
  • Rubber sole for better stability
  • Affordable price
  • Engineered from a sports brand


  • Colour options aren’t available.

Factors while choosing badminton shoes

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes is as much important as choosing the racket itself. So, here are some essential criteria that you must consider.

The Sole

In the competitive space, most of the badminton courts have either wood or the EU. That’s why look for the ones that have a rubber sole to achieve maximum traction while running and jumping.


While jumping and running on the court, there’s enormous pressure on your knees and toes. Perfectly balanced cushions absorb the force of your movements, providing you better comfort and control while playing.


Badminton involves more sidewise movements. Therefore, if there’s an air gap between your feet and shoes, it can easily make you stumble. For wide feet, there are sizes like SHB95, AR95, and AR88. For those who have narrow feet and for beginners, sizes like PRO98 and SHB65 are recommended.

Final Recommendation

All ten of these products have proved their excellent, and professional badminton players around the world also praise them.

If you have a budget under RS 3000 then will recommend ASICS Men’s Upcourt 3 Badminton Shoes for you. Great in styling and comfort.

If you’re searching for the best pair of badminton shoes for your game, there’s aren’t other options apart from these products from reputed brands. All of these products are available online via Amazon, and the pricing is also marginally affordable. Thus you won’t regret buying these.

Thank you for considering reading our article, and we hope that you learned what you were looking for. We promise to bring similar helpful content in the future. Till then, enjoy badminton.

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