App Review: Falcon Pro

I am a Twitter app maniac.  I try almost any Twitter app I can get my hands on and to be honest I have more than likely tried every one currently available in the Play Store (at least all the ones with decent ratings).

This being the case, I have seen many different UI's, formats, color schemes, and gimmicks. But what I have really been looking for is a fast, clean, powerful client that doesn't attempt to do more than the rest, but rather do what Twitter does, and do it well.

That app is Falcon Pro. Hands down the best Twitter app I have used to date.  With its super clean UI, amazingly fast built in browser, and quick loading times (both app loading and Twitter feed updating time) I believe its one of the best Twitter clients on any OS. Period.

So if you are looking for something new to spice up your Twitter life, check out Falcon Pro. Its only $.99 in the Play Store, and worth every penny.  Oh yeah, not to mention it works on your tablet as well.  No extra charge.

Falcon Pro in the Play Store.

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