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In the world of ever evolving mobile devices, one of the biggest problems that most people run into is the need to move all information from their old device to another. It seems that people are always getting the newest, latest device on the market, so today I'm going to start a new section on GoneGoogling with short how-to's and recommendations to make the transfer from your old device much smoother.

Being in the wireless industry for a long time, you run into people with a lot of very unique ideas on what is ans is not important to move from one phone to their next. Most are looking for pictures, music and apps to be transferred, but for many others one major part of their device's are the ongoing conversations via SMS.

After scouring the Internet I believe I found one app that can make this prospect of SMS transfer extremely simple. It's called, SMS Backup & Restore. This free, small, lightweight, easy to use application makes it simple to back up and restore all of your SMS conversations for later use or importing to a brand-new device.

The app takes you existing SMS conversations and exports them to an XML format and saves them to your SD card or in some cases your internal memory. You can then e-mail them to yourself, transfer them via external SD card or simply save them for safekeeping to access in the future.

Check it out in the Google Play store, and get more detailed information and support at the developers website here.

If you are checking this app out for the first time, already use this app, or have any other recommendations to transfer SMS messages please leave your comments or feel free to hit me up on Twitter @thejdubb02.

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