App Review: Fotor

Out of all of the image editing apps out there its sometimes hard to filter out the stuff thats worthy of simply a look or actual implementation in your photo processing future.

I myself have used many apps and have found that I have more than on for all of my different needs.  I use one app to create a collage of a trip or event to share on Instagram and Twitter. I have a completely different app to add stupid chat bubbles to weird pictures of my friends for a laugh.  And if I want to make a HDR... you guessed it, another app.

When I scrolled through my apps drawer I discovered a total of 8 different apps for various image editing purposes.  That might sound a bit strange but a quick check with my friends and it appears I am not the only one, 5 seemed to be the average.

So what do you do as a smartphone image editing master to compile these apps into one app?  Fotor.

Fotor is so far the best app I have found in the app market for photo capturing, editing, and sharing.  It combines powerful editing tools, filters, HDR capture, chat bubbles, text layovers, and even makes collage making fun and ultra customizable with drag and drop controls.  I can't say enough about it, and its free.

Check it out in the Android app store here, and learn more about the app and other services made by Fotor on their website here.  Oh and I forgot to mention that its even available to you all you iPhone lovers as well.

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