FoxFi removed from Google Play Store by Sprint

For those of you Sprint users that had FoxFi already installed on your devices, you will be upset to hear that your carrier is blocking the popular app. For those of you that are unaware of the app. It is a WiFi tethering app for Android that doesn't require root access to use. PDAnet, which is another popular tethering app, has also been removed.

The email I received from FoxFi said;
Users complaint not able to find FoxFi in Sprint or even do update that is how we found out. No there is no correspondence from Google. Carriers decide what app to show and what not, not Google. FoxFi has become too popular lately and attracts the attention of Sprint. Other less-popular tether apps will still show as long as they don't get too popular. So users always get the worse ones. I think the most popular tether app called PdaNet is also removed from the Sprint app store.

As of this post, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile customers still have access to the popular tethering apps. If you are a Sprint customer however, you can click here to download FoxFi. Has this affected anyone?
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  1. you can install the latest version, but it still doesnt work...works for about 2-3 min..then connection is killed. Sucky.

  2. I installed FoxFi and it worked for a day or two. Then a phone notification asked me to update my Samsung Galaxy 2 and after that it doesnt work anymore. Can I go back to before the update? Someone told me I had updated to Galaxy 3 and FoxFi doesnt work for Galaxy 3. Any suggestions?

    1. I am not sure what you mean by Galaxy 2 and Galaxy 3. Those are devices not software updates. You might mean Android versions. If this is the case then, you might very well be able to go back to an older version of Android on your device.

      Find your device at XDA developers forums and see what you can find. Just know that if you do go back to an older version of Android, the device will constantly wanting to update to the newest version, which might get annoying.

  3. I rooted my Samsung epic 4g touch and foxfi works perfect with no additional charges. Ive had it installed for about 3 Weeks now.

  4. Foxfi works great on my LG Optimus S (Sprint), but I was hoping to move to the Optimus G. Does anyone know if Foxfi will still work on it?

    1. It doens't work on my lg opti g. It worked great on my htc, but wheni upgraded to the lg it will not let me set the usb debugging. It shows up on my phone but is not rrecognized by my computer.

  5. Sprint also removed the companion PDAnet+ from the google store also. You can just go the homepage www.pdanet.co to purchase and download via a browser. I bought this program years ago when on Verizon, on the Verizon google store its still available for download.



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